飛龍球場2018.04.08 (00:30 - 02:00) 曼城 VS 曼聯- 睇波任飲活動



  1. 閣下的個人資料可能被使用於以下各項之目的:(a) 核實閣下身份;(b) 處理閣下選購我們的產品和服務的申請;(c) 向閣下提供產品和服務;(d) 管理向閣下提供的產品和服務;(e) 通知閣下有關我們提供的產品和服務的最新資訊;(f) 根據本聲明,在取得閣下的同意下作推廣和宣傳之用; (g) 與就其他目的而從其他來源包括第三方所收集的資料作核對,以提升閣下的客戶體驗;(h) 內部統計及分析用途;(i) 根據閣下的需要,為閣下設計及改善產品和服務;(j) 處理閣下的查詢、投訴和回饋;(k) 日常業務監察及管理;(l) 透過電郵、電話、信函或其他途徑聯絡閣下;(m) 記帳;(n) 處理付款提示;(o) 收取閣下帳戶未付的款項(包括聘用追收債務代理人和民事訴訟)及信貸調查;(p)尋求法律諮詢和在法律程序中提出法律索賠或辯護;(q) 預防和調查欺詐及其他犯罪活動;(r) 根據任何地區的法例、規則、法庭命令而作出或可作出的披露或任何政府、監管機關或執法機構要求的披露;及/或 (s) 與上述任何用途有關及相關或其他閣下不時同意的用途之任何其他用途。
  2. Your personal data may be used for one or more of the following purposes depending on the context: (a) Verifying your identity; (b) Processing your orders for goods and application to subscribe our services; (c) Provision of goods and services; (d) Administration and management of the goods and services; (e) Keeping you informed about our goods and services; (f) Marketing and promoting goods and services in the manners ; (g) Matching your personal data with other data collected from other purposes and from other sources including third parties to enhance your customer experience; (h) Conducting internal analysis and demographic studies; (i) Designing and improving services and products to cater your needs; (j) Handling enquiries, complaints and feedbacks; (k) Daily administration and management of our business; (l) Communicating with you by email, phone, mail or other means; (m) Billing; (n) Processing payment instructions; (o) Debt recovery (including the use of debt recovery agents and civil proceedings) and credit checking; (p) Obtaining legal advice and establishing legal claims or defences and in legal proceedings; (q) Prevention and investigation of fraud and crimes; (r) Disclosure as permitted or required by law, regulations and court orders in any jurisdiction, and/or as required by any government, regulatory or law enforcement authorities; and (s) Any other incidental or associated purposes relating to the aforesaid and/or any other purposes which you may agree from time to time.