球場簡介 Pitches and Facilities

WeChat Stadium

Monday to Friday Before 6pm

Monday to Friday After 6pm
Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday

Early in the morning

Everyday 12am to 8am


LG Stadium


Monday to Friday Before 6:30pm

Monday to Friday After 6:30pm
Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday

Early in the Morning

Everyday 12:30am to 8:30am


WECHAT Stadium                      

LG Stadium



地理 Location


Sfalo Soccer Stadium is located on the 6th floor of The Grande Building 398-402 Kwun Tong Road in Kwun Tong.  It is just a 5-minute walk from both the Kwun Tong and Ngau Tau Kok MTR stations. Surrounded by many shops and restaurants in the Kwun Tong Business Area, it is easily accessibility by bus or minibus from all districts of Hong Kong. 




CAFE AreaDSC00916



設施 Facilities


The Sfalo Soccer Stadium has two indoor football pitches which are enclosed by tempered glass in a 2000-square-foot area. It features HDTVs and a large projector screen with a view of delivering an unrivalled football-watching experience. While our well-equipped changing rooms and shower rooms allow players to relax after exercising, other customers enjoy themselves in our themed restaurant, which is suitable for fine-dining with a VIP room furnished with a 50’ inch HDTV. On top of all of this, new arrivals and different kinds of football products are available in our souvenir store to correspond to every football lovers’ deep-rooted affection for the game.


理念 Concept

「More Touch More Fun」是飛龍球場的口號,圍板球場的設計,無出界的概念務求讓球員增加觸球次數,在有限的時間內享受無限的樂趣。「Touch」到的不只是足球,在各大品牌和企業的支持與贊助下,我們能接觸的亦包括了飛龍球衣專門店的經典球衣、PUMA的運動元素和LG的高科技產品,當然不可或缺的就是藉著微信,我們在這個球場讓人與人之間的關係更加接近,更加親密。

Our motto is More Touch More Fun”. The pitches are based on the dasher board design.  We pursue the “No-Out-Of-Bounds” concept to allow higher possession percentage and hence more practice opportunities and more fun for our customers.  Apart from playing football our “touchables” also include Sfalo soccer jerseys, PUMA sports products and LG high-tech products. “Touch” us now through “WeChat” to pave the way to an enjoyable time.



管理 Management


Our Operation Directors are Mr. Chan Ping On (Hong Kong Footballer of the Year, 1992) and Mr. Goldbert, Chi Chiu (Former Player of the Hong Kong Football Team) who are both experienced in organizing football events, football leagues, football competition and training.  Riding on their success, Sfalo strives to provide the best services and experiences to all our customers. 


發展 Development



Since December 2013, Sfalo Soccer Stadium has served over 100 ,000 customers.  Apart from rental service, football competitions, training courses, and football broadcasting, Sfalo endeavors to hold different types of events such as mini concerts, press conferences, product launch campaigns or gaming experience campaigns in collaboration with various companies and organizations.

Sfalo Limited attaches great importance to social responsibility and strives to provide a pleasant indoor football experience with the under-privileged.  Our partners include Wofoo Social Enterprises, Hong Kong Integrated Football Club, Street Soccer Hong Kong, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, etc.